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Benched Winners April 2017
April: Judges' Choice winners and first place winners for every other category

Judges First Choice

C. Chocolate Drop ' Garcia '

C. Chocolate Drop ‘ Garcia’. Grown by K. Cooper.

This well grown cluster cattleya was a joy to see with its glistening presentation and very deep mahogany colour. It would have long lasting flowers as the substance is quite remarkable also. It usually presents very well as this example does with the individual flowers conically spread evenly around the flower stem. This is one of those orchids that regularly flowers every year and rewards with a beautiful head of delightful blooms.

Judges Second Choice

Den. Jin Balmoja ‘RPR Magenta'.

Den. Jin Balmoja ‘RPR Magenta’. Grown by C. & M. Barker.

This dendrobium was very worthy of its place in the judges choice awards, more so by the fact it was grown by two of our novice growers who managed to bench this plant. They have presented some really nice orchids over the past year and no doubt will be moving into open class soon. It is a quality plant which has been awarded and this was quite evident in its display and presentation. The almost concolour deep maroon colour flowers made it a real eye-catcher together with its raceme of nicely presented individual blooms.

Judges Third Choice

Den. Burana Stripe a lovely shape

Den. Burana Stripe. Grown by G. & E. Marcrow.

A beautiful orchid benched by one of our best dendrobium growers. The individual flower shape of this orchid speaks quality and although it was a little short of flowers and stem it would be hard not to include it in the judges choice awards. There is little doubt with better seasonal growing conditions than those which prevailed this year this plant will improve its display next year and reward with a long raceme of beautifully arranged flowers which will be a delight to behold. This is one to look forward to next year.

Monthly Competition Winners


Plant: Blc Erin Kobayshi ‘ Lahaina Gold’
Grower: B. & S. Brown

Blc Erin Kobayshi ‘ Lahaina Gold'


Cattleya Compact

Plant: Gct. Pride of place
Grower: J. Rutter

Gct. Pride of place


Cattleya Any Other

Plant: C. Chocolate Drop ‘ Garcia’
Grower: K Cooper

C. Chocolate Drop ‘ Garcia'



Plant: Paph. Vanguard. ‘Rod’
Grower: K. Cooper

Paph. Vanguard. ‘Rod'



Plant: Phal.  Sin-Yuan ‘ Golden Beauty’
Grower: R. Mollee.



Plant: Den. Burana Stripe
Grower: G. & E. Marcrow.


Any Other Genera

Plant: Phrag. Noirmont
Grower: B. & S. Brown.

Phrag. Noirmont



Plant: Den. Jin Balmoja. ‘RPR Magenta’
Grower: C. & M. Barker.

Den. Jin Balmoja. ‘RPR Magenta'


Floral Art

Easter Basket
Artist: L & A Abbate

Easter Basket



Plant: V. Precious ‘ Jindalee’
Grower: R.& S. Matthews.

 V. Precious ‘ Jindalee'



Plant: Onc. Sweet Sugar
Grower: R. Mollee.

Onc. Sweet Sugar


Australian Natives

Plant: Den. bigibbum var. superbum
Grower: O. Sengstock.

Den. bigibbum var. superbum


Australian Native Hybrids

Plant: Den. Johns Charm
Grower: G. & E. Marcrow.

Den. Johns Charm