Benched Winners August 2017
Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges First Choice

Ddc. stenophyllum  Grower: L. & M. Lobley

A beautifully grown and presented plant by one of our members who is a species enthusiast and has won many prizes on the show bench for years.

The overall display showing many blooms round the entire plant indicates it has been grown under ideal conditions by an experienced grower.

All the flowers were in perfect condition and the plant well deserved the judges accolade.

Judges Second Choice

Bc. Yellow Bird  Grower: B. & S. Brown

An orchid which was worthy of this place is growing into a very nice specimen plant illustrating many inflorescences of bright clear yellow clusters.

An interesting aspect of this plant is the flowers when first opening show as a brown colour and turning to yellow as they mature.


Judges Third Choice

Rth Dal’s Emperor  ‘ Alan ‘ Grower: M. Adamczyk

Another fine minicattleya of good form and depth of colour showing two flowers in pristine condition.

The blooms were quite large full round overlapped shape and were admired by many of the members.


Member’s Choice

Cym. Memoria Merv Dunn x Cym. Dolly  Grower: A. Harvey

The spectacular array of inflorenscences and flowers caught the members eye and was their selection for the best plant on the benches.

The flowers were clear white with just a hint of lemon in the throat and all were unblemished.

Monthly Competition Winners


Plant: Rth. Goldenminima

Grower: B. & S. Brown

Cattleya Compact

Plant: Rth Dal’s Emperor ‘ Alan ‘

Grower: M. Adamczyk

Cattleya Any Other

Plant: Bc. Yellow Bird

Grower: B. & S. Brown


Plant: Paph. Pacific Ocean ‘Kilo’ x Winston R

Grower: B. & S. Brown


Plant: Phal. Tinny White

Grower: R, Mollee


Plant: Den. Burana Gold

Grower: G. Markcrow

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Any other genera

Plant: Epc. Renee Marques ‘Flame Thrower’

Grower: S.  Addison


Plant: Den. Starsheen ‘Botanic Fireworks’

Grower: W. Southwell

Floral Art

Theme: Textures

Creator: L. & J. Abbate


Plant: V. Banghuntian Gold x V. miniata

Grower: S. Addison


Plant: Onc. Misaki Twinkle Obry

Grower: G. & J. Woodcroft

Australian native

Plant: Den. speciosum var. pedunculatum

Grower: O. Sengstock

Australian native hybrid

Plant: Den. Esme Poulton

Grower: O. Sengstock


Plant: Ddc. stenophyllum

Grower: L. & M. Lobley