Benched Winners February 2018
Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges First Choice

Ascda. Banghuntianntian Gold x Asctm. miniatum 'KBR'

Ascda. Banghuntianntian Gold x Asctm. miniatum ‘KBR’  Grower: S Addison

Judges had no difficulty selecting the best plant on the benches as this one was the standout.  The inflorescence stood above the plant and the flowers were all in perfect form conically displayed around the stem. All the well rounded vibrant flowers were clear, clean and fresh and very eye catching.

Judges Second Choice

C. intermedia var. aquinii

C. intermedia var. aquinii  Grower: R. Mollee

This is an exceptional example of the intermedia orchid family . The plant supported four flowers of equal size and form which displayed beautiful colouration.

Judges Third Choice

Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Rlc. Sunspots 'SVO Best' 

Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Rlc. Sunspots ‘SVO Best’   Grower: G. & E. Markcrow

The coloured segments overlaid with the deep red purple spots made this the most striking plant in the hall. Members made a lots of favourable comments about the attractiveness of this plant.

Member’s Choice

Milt. Bluntii 

Milt. Bluntii   Grower: C. & H. Barker

The members by popular vote saw this plant as their preferred best plant on the benches for the
evening. The dark striking deep colour was very attractive and no doubt proved to be the favourite
by the participants.

Monthly Competition Winners


Plant: Roth. Dal’s Girl ‘Aerial’

Grower: J. & H. Rutter

: Roth. Dal's Girl 'Aerial'

Cattleya Compact

Plant: C. Louise ‘Georgia’

Grower: B. & S. Brown

 C. Louise 'Georgia'

Cattleya Any Other

Plant: Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Rlc. Sunspots ‘SVO Best’

Grower: G. & E. Markcrow

Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Rlc. Sunspots 'SVO Best'


Plant: Phal. Tinny White

Grower: R. Mollee

 Phal. Tinny White


Plant: Den. Blue Planet

Grower: G. & E. Markcrow

Den. Blue Planet

Any other genera

Plant: Ctsm. Penang ‘Black Night’ x Ctsm. Orchidglade ‘David Ranches’

Grower: J. & H. Rutter

 Ctsm. Penang 'Black Night' x Ctsm. Orchidglade 'David Ranches'


Plant: C. Sea Breeze

Grower: E. Aubrey

C. Sea Breeze

Floral Art

Theme: Be my Valentine

Creator: L. & J. Abbate

Be my Valentine


Plant: Ascda. Banghuntian Gold x Asctm. miniatum ‘KBR’

Grower: S. Addison

Ascda. Banghuntian Gold x Asctm. miniatum 'KBR'


Plant: Onc. Aka Baby ‘ Raspberry Chocolate ‘

Grower: C. & H. Barker

Onc. Aka Baby ' Raspberry Chocolate '

Australian native

Plant: Den. Ron Falvey x Rammisra

Grower: G. & E. Markcrow

 Den. Ron Falvey x Rammisra

Australian Native Hybrid

Plant: Den. canaliculatum x discolour x bloomfeildii

Grower: G. & E. Markcrow

Den. canaliculatum x discolour x bloomfeildii


Plant: C. intermedia var. aquinii

Grower: R. Mollee