Benched winners February 2020

Judges first choice.

Gram. scriptum var. citrinium

A novice grower presented this well grown and flowered plant.
Grower. M. Shepherd.


Judges second choice.

Rhy. coelestis var ‘ Pink Joy’ x Pink Magic’

Quality flowering on this display of good form.
Grower. S. Addison.


Judges third choice.

Den. Dark Desire ‘ Indigo’

Wonderful deep colour, good shape and a delight to see.


Members choice.

Paph.(Landmark x armenianum) x Lippewunder

Members liked this plant over all others benched for the meeting.
Grower. C.and D. Noy.


Monthly competition winners.


Rlc. Dal’s Monarch x Dal’s Choice

Grower. R. Mollee


Cattleya Compact.

Rlc. Hawaiian Passion ‘Kermie’.

Grower. C. and D. Noy.


Cattleya any other.

Ctt. Chocolate Drop x Ctt. harrisoniana

Grower. B. and S. Brown.



Paph. (Landmark x armenianum) x Lippewunder.

Grower. C. and D. Noy.



Den. Dark Desire ‘Indigo’

Grower. S. Addison.


Any other Genera.

Ctsm. Don’s Choice.

Grower. C. and D. Noy.



Gram. scriptum var citrinum.

Grower. M. Sherherd.


Floral arrangement.

Theme. Simplicity

Owner. N. Donsky.



Rhy. coelestis var. ‘Pink Joy’ x ‘ Pink Magic’

Grower. S. Addison.



Mtdm. Goodale Moir ‘ Golden Afternoon’.

Grower. S. Cavalea.


Australian Native hybrids.

Den. X superbiens

Grower. C. and D. Noy.


Australian Natives.

Den. antennatum.

Grower. C. and D. Noy.



C. lodigesii ‘Streeters Choice’

Grower. R. Kerr.