Benched winners February 2021
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Judges first choice.

C. Fitz Eugene Dixon.

It’s been around for some time but still holds its own.

Grower. L. and J. Abate.


Judges second choice.

Floral Art.  Valentines day.

Owner. L. and J. Abate.


Judges third choice.

Vasco Precious.

A nice raceme of this well bred hybrid.

Grower. S. Addison.


Members choice.

C. Orchid Affair.

A lovely flowering of an attractive orchid.

Grower. M. Connor.


Monthly competition winners.


C. Orchid Affair.

Grower. M. Connor.


Cattleya Compact.

Rlc. Topaz Georgie Girl x Rth. Mismo ‘Rich Sunset’

Grower. C. and H. Barker.


Cattleya any other.

C. Fitz Eugene Dixon.

Grower. L. and J. Abate.



Phal. Unknown.

Grower. A. Nakamura.



De. Busaba.

Grower. M. Byrne.



Onc. Unknown

Grower. M. Kernke.



Vasco. Precious.

Grower. S. Addison.



Onc. Chian Tzy Lovely ‘ Ct Gold Mine’

Grower. S. Cavalea.



Ctsm. fibriatum Var. morrelianum.

Grower. B. Humphries.