Benched Winners July 2017
Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges First Choice

Rlc. Miya's Passion

Rlc. Miya’s Passion  Grower: C. & H. Barker

This plant was one which caught every ones eye with its deep coloured spots on a canary yellow background

A beautiful novelty orchid which would take pride of place in any orchid house.


Judges Second Choice

Ddc. wenzelii

Ddc. wenzelii  Grower: S. Addison

A beautifully presented plant illustration good culture and growing conditions.

Inflorescences were surrounding the entire plant which is desirable for this type of plant.


Judges Third Choice & Member’s Choice

Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow

Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow Grower: C. & H. Barker

A magnificent deep claret coloured  Paphiopedlum.

It was easy to see why the members chose this plant for their vote as the best orchid on all the benches. The flower is quite stunning displaying near claret or black red colour, unfortunately the photo does not replicate the true colour. The shape is quite good and it is certain this one will see its way on to the show benches in the future.

Monthly Competition Winners


Plant: Rlc. Burdekin Pearl ‘Nicole’

Grower: G. Markcrow

Rlc. Burdekin Pearl ' Nicole '

Cattleya Compact

Plant: Rth. Free Spirit ‘Carmela’

Grower: J. & H. Rutter

Rth. Free Spirit ' Carmela '

Cattleya Any Other

Plant: Rlc. Miya’s Passion

Grower: C. & H. Barker

Rlc. Miya's Passion


Plant: Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow

Grower: C. & H. Barker

Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow


Plant: Den. December x alexandrae

Grower: G. Markcrow

Den December x alexandrae

Any other genera

Plant: Phrag. Hanne Popow

Grower: C. & H. Barker

Phrag. Hanne Popow


Plant: Ctt. Towering Inferno

Grower: BA. &  M. Edwards

Ctt. Towering Inferno

Floral Art

Theme: Long and Low

Creator: R. Mollee

Theme : Long and Low


Plant: V. Precious.

Grower: S. Addison

V. Precious


Plant: Onc. Twinkle ‘Fragrant Fantasy’

Grower: B. & S. Brown

Onc Twinkle ' Fragrant Fantasy '

Australian native hybrid

Plant: Den. Hilda Poxon

Grower: G. Markcrow

Den Hilda Poxon


Plant: Ddc. wenzelii

Grower: S. Addison

Ddc. wenzelii