Benched winners July2021
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Judges first choice.

C. maxima.

Owner V. Nguyen.


Judges second choice.

Rhy. gigantea.


Owner. A Nakamura.


Judges third choice.

Phal. Unknown.

Owner. S. Addison.


Members choice.

Rth. Love Sound x Rlc. Topaz Georgie Girl.

Owner. M. Byrnes.


Monthly competition winners.


C. Melody Fair x C. Liptonii.

Owner. M.L. Cole.


Cattleya Compact.

C. Elusive Dream ‘No. 12’.

Owner. B. and S. Brown.


Cattleya any other.

C. Elizabeth Calov ‘Hulor’s Temptation’.

Owner. J. and H. Rutter.



Paph. Winston Churchill.

Owner. C. McCafferty.



Phal. Unknown.

Owner. S. Addison.


Any other genera.

Phcal.Kryptonite ‘Parkside’

Owner. S. Addison.



C. maxima.

Owner. V. Nguyen.


Floral arrangement.

Theme. Touch of frost.

Owner. L. and J. Abate.



V. Pachara Delight ‘Kakornsawan Blue”.

Owner. C. and H. Barker.



Onc. Red. (unknown).

Owner. J. Lamont.



Rhy. gigantea.

Owner. A. Nakamura.


Australian Natives.

Ptst. ophioglossa.

Owner. M.L.Cole.


Australian Native hybrids.

Den. Australian Rhubarb ‘Tineca’ x Den. Ray’s Spot ‘Superb’.

Owner. S. Addison.