• John Oxley District Orchid Society
Benched Winners June 2017
Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges first choice

This was judged the best of all plants exhibited

Dcd. convallariaeforme var convallariae :  Grower S. Addison

This plant was presented by the grower in a superbly grown condition illustrating very good culture. The reward for such culture is indicated by the strong flowering encircling the whole plant which is what we all desire in this type of orchid. It would have been even more spectacular before benching as many of the first flowering inflorescences  were removed prior to the showing.

Judges second choice

Judges picked this as the second best plant exhibited

Plant : Phrag. Noirmont  Grower : B. & S. Brown

A very good shaped flower graced the stem of this plant showing good size and equally pleasing symetric shape. The colour is strong and proportionately  distributed to give a pleasant attraction to the eye.

Judges third choice

This was awarded the third best plant on the benches

Den. John Kidney x canaliculatum    Grower S. Addison

Another nicely presented plant with two racemes of good shaped flowers. The strong influence of Den. canaliculatum is evident combining with the deep yellow/brown individual flowers.

Members choice

Plant : Van. KT( Taweenan -pornpima) x Van. coerulea (Members Choice)
Grower : B. & S. Brown

The members thought this was the best plant of all exhibited

The members voted this plant as their choice and no doubt were drawn to the spectacular colouration on the segments of the flower.

The vividness of the flowers is so eye catching no one could pass without stopping for a more closer inspection.

Monthly competition winners


Plant : Rlc. Dream Trader ‘ Rudak ‘
Grower : G & E Markcrow

The best of all the exhibition cattleyas

Cattleya compact

Plant : Rlc. Love Sound x C. Snow Blind
Grower :   S. Cavalea

This nice little compact flower caught the judges eye

Cattleya any other

Plant : Bsn. Maikai ‘ Mayumi ‘
Grower : B. & S. Brown

Beautifully grown novelty cattleya


Plant : Paph. Maudiae ‘Commanda’ x ‘Los Osos’
Grower : B. & S. Brown

A well grown maudiae type Paphiopedlum


Plant : Phal. Tinny White
Grower : R. Mollee

A nice clear white Phalaenopsis


Plant : Den. John Kidney x canaliculatum
Grower : S. Addison

Well displayed good shaped Dendrobium

Any other genera

Plant : Phrag. Noirmont
Grower : B. & S. Brown

A clear winner in the ' Any other genera section '


Plant : Hwra. Lava Burst ‘ Puanani ‘
Grower : E. Aubrey

This will be very attractive as it matures

Floral Art

Theme : “Winter Wonderland”
Creator :  M. & N. Donsky

Looked like a winter wonderland


Plant : V. Pine Rivers ‘Brighton Blue’
Grower : S. Addison

Beautiful display of purple flowers


Plant : Onc. Gold Dust ‘Red’
Grower : C. & H. Barker

Still a baby but will appeal when matured

Australian native

PlantBulb. schilleranium
Grower : O. Sengstock

Hard to see because the flowers are small but still attractive

Australian native hybrids

PlantDen. canaliculatum x discolor
Grower : G. Markcrow

very eye catching colour


PlantDcd. convallariaeforme var convallariae

Grower : S. Addison

Impressed the judges