Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges First Choice

Rth. Jungle Jumbalaya Grower: C. & H. Barker

A well presented plant with eye catching displays of cluster spotted flowers. The deep burgundy spots contrasted against the pale pink base colour. Many favourable comments were passed about the attractiveness of this plant.

Judges Second Choice

Den. Buttercup Grower: R. Mollee

The spectacular colour of the flowers on this delightful plant created plenty of attention. It was a first flowering so it will be one very much looked forwarded to on its next showing.

Judges Third Choice

V. Fuchs Rosy Charm ‘ Christine ‘ Grower: R. Kerr

The judges were impressed with this plant on the Vandacious section. The attractive well shaped rounded flowers in bright orange made an impressive display.

Member’s Choice

Rth. Jungle Jumbalaya Grower: C. & H. Barker

As noted in the Judges Choice comments the members agreed that this plant deserved the title of best plant benched at the meeting.

Monthly Competition Winners


Plant: Rsc. Glenn Maidment ‘Southern Cross’

Grower: G. Markcrow

Cattleya Compact

Plant: Rth. Deception Variable

Grower: G. Markcrow

Cattleya Any Other

Plant: Rth. Jungle Jumbalaya

Grower: C. & H. Barker


Plant: Phal. John’s Second

Grower: R. Mollee


Plant: Den. Buttercup

Grower: R. Mollee

Any other genera

Plant: Phrag. Noirmont

Grower: C. & H. Barker


Plant: Den. Little Gem

Grower: Cedric

*No image available

Floral Art

Theme: Shades of Autumn

Creator: L. & J. Abbate


Plant: V. Fuchs Rosy Charm ‘Christine’

Grower: R. Kerr


Plant: Tol. Liz ‘ Full Moon ‘

Grower: J. & H. Rutter

Australian native

Plant: Den. bigibbum ‘ Traditional ‘

Grower: O.Sengstock

Australian Native Hybrid

Plant: Den. John’s Charm

Grower: G. Markcrow


Plant: C. tenebrosia

Grower: B. & S. Brown