• John Oxley District Orchid Society
Benched Winners May 2017
Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges first choice

Excellent shape and very attractive
Den. biggibum var. superbum ‘David’  Grown by G & E Markcrow

This plant was the standout and richly deserved Judges Choice for the evening. It featured three lovely racemes of full round shape flowers presenting themselves in an eye catching display. Graham is one of our premier growers of dendrobiums and has had considerable success at shows over the years.

Judges second choice

Blc. California Girl ‘Orchid Library’    Grown by G & E Markcrow

Again this plant is a product of the owner who won the Judges Choice first place at this meeting. The plant was flush with flowers with four large exhibition shape blooms on one stem and three on another stem. This is a plant which has won may prizes at orchid shows and never fails to disappoint whenever on display.


Judges third choice

Grown well for a novice grower

Angcm. leonis    Grower S. Hayden

Here is a wonderful example again of a New Grower who has presented a well flowered plant of good culture who has taken out the honour of displaying the third best plant from all the benches at the meeting. It had four clear unblemished blooms well displayed and of good shape. It is very rewarding to see New Growers having such success among open company.


Members choice

 Den. ( Noble Giant x ( Den.Ram Misra Orchidglades ‘Black Saphire ‘ x  Dal’s Classic x Dal’s Wonder ) x Den. Barabuis Dark Knight x Thailand ) in flower

Plant : Den. ( Noble Giant x ( Den.Ram Misra Orchidglades ‘Black Saphire ‘ x  Dal’s Classic x Dal’s Wonder ) x Den. Barabuis Dark Knight x Thailand )
Grower : M & B Byrnes

This was the plant which members voted as the best orchid from all the benched orchids. A lovely dendrobium of quite dark colour carrying eight flowers nicely displayed along the raceme.


Monthly competition winners



Plant : Rlc. California Girl ‘ Orchid Library
Grower : G & E Markcrow

Rlc. California Girl orchid in flower


Cattleya compact

Plant : Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Rlc Sun Spots.
Grower :   G. & E. Markcrow

Slc. Katherine Clarkson x Rlc Sun Spots


Cattleya any other

Plant : Rlc. Topas Love.
Grower : C. & H. Barker

Rlc. Topas Love in flower



Plant : Paph. Gael.
Grower : B. & S. Brown

Paph. Gael. in flower



Plant : Dtps. Sin-Yuan ‘Golden Beauty’.
Grower : R. Mollee

Dtps. Sin-Yuan 'Golden Beauty'. in flower



Plant : Den. Burana Stripe.
Grower : G. & E. Markcrow

 Den. Burana Stripe. in flower


Any other genera

Plant : Phrag. Mem Dick Clements x Praying Mantis.
Grower : C. & H. Barker

Phrag. Mem Dick Clements x Praying Mantis. in flower



Plant : Angcm. leonis.
GrowerS. Hayden


Angcm. leonis in flower

Floral Art

Theme : “Twists and Turns”
Creator :  M. & N. Donsky

Theme : "Twists and Turns"



Plant : Ascda. Phairot x Kultana Fragrance.
Grower : M. & N. Donsky

Ascda. Phairot x Kultana Fragrance in flower



Plant : Unknown.
Grower : G. & J. Woodcroft

Unknown but still attractive


Australian natives

Plant : Den. biggibum var. ‘superbum ‘
Grower : G. & E. Markcrow

 Den. biggibum var. 'superbum ' in flower


Australian native hybrids

Plant : Den.  Topaz Rosy ‘Topax’.
Grower : G. & E. Markcrow

 Den.  Topaz Rosy 'Topax' beautifully displayed



Plant : Paph. spicerianum.
Grower : G. Young

Paph. spicerianum.