Benched Winners November 2017
Judges choice winners and first place winners for every category

Judges First Choice

Mps. Breathless ‘Brilliance’  Grower :  R. Mollee

There was no hesitation with the judges in deciding this plant should be awarded the best specimen from all the plants benched at the meeting. Sometimes referred to as the water fall orchid because of the design colouration on the labelum somewhat like cascading water.

The sheer colour contrasts and shape of the flowers makes it so appealing and added to this the number of flowers and buds made it an orchid to behold.

Judges Second Choice

Coel. pandurata  Grower: J. Tweedell

Credit must go to the owner of this orchid being a newer member for presenting this plant in such good culture and flower.

The flowers were clear and fresh all displayed evenly along the stem on both racemes.

Judges Third Choice

Den. Alice’s Rainbow   Grower: S. Addison

The flowers were beautifully displayed circling the stem and held high above the plant. The colour combinations and the deep contrasting lip enhanced the overall appeal of this orchid.

Member’s Choice

Mps. Breathless ‘Brilliance’  Grower: R. Mollee

The members agreed with the judges and selected this plant also as the best tabled orchid in the hall.


Monthly Competition Winners


Plant: Rlc. Capricorn Charm ‘Moorooka’

Grower: R. Kerr

Cattleya Compact

Plant: Rly. Red Stella ‘Hildos’

Grower: J. & H. Rutter

Cattleya Any Other

Plant: Grt. Why Not ‘Round About’ x self

Grower: C. & H. Barker


Plant: Paph. Maudiae ‘Claudia’ x Los Osos

Grower: C. & H. Barker


Plant: Phal. amabalis x Yu-Pin Easter Island ‘Warrigal’

Grower: R. Mollee


Plant: Den. Alice’s Rainbow

Grower: S. Addison

Any other genera

Plant: Eny. Middleburg ‘Maj’

Grower: S.  Addison


Plant: Coel. pandurata

Grower: J. Tweedell

Floral Art

Theme: A Christmas Basket

Creator: M. & N. Donsky


Plant: V. Banghuntian Gold x V. miniata ‘KBR’

Grower: S. Addison


Plant: Mps. Breathless ‘Brilliance’

Grower: R. Mollee

Australian native

Plant: Sarc. ceciliae

Grower: O. Senstock

Australian Native Hybrid

Plant: Den. canaliculatum x Den. tangerinum

Grower: G. & E. Markcrow


Plant: Onc. sphacelatum

Grower: B. & M. Byrnes