Benched winners October 2018

Judges first choice.

Paph. Sukahulii

Plant. Paph. Sukhakulii

Grower. C. & H. Barker

Judges deemed this to be the best plant tabled for the meeting.

It was a first flowering on a small plant and shows good potential as it matures.

Judges second choice.

Asc. christensonianum

Plant. Asc. christensonianum

Grower. S. Addison.

This delightful miniature plant was a standout in the species section and was considered

the best in that genera. The two racemes were well flowered around the stem and were of good form.

Judges third choice.

Mkra. Jairak White

Plant. Mkra. Jairak White

Grower S. Addison.

This plant was the best of all vandacious on display and the well shaped flowers were clear and clean,

well presented on the raceme and held above the foliage.

Members choice.

 Den. farmeri

Plant. Den. farmeri

Grower R. Kerr.

This mature well flowered plant was favourite among the members and carried their vote

for being the best of all the benched plants.

Monthly competition winners.


 Rlc. Golden Majestic 'Rudak'

Plant. Rlc. Golden Majestic ‘Rudak’

Grower. R. Mollee.

Cattleya Compact.

C.& H. Barker.

Plant. C. Snow Blind x Ctt. Aussie Sunset ‘Cosmic Fire’

 Grower. C.& H. Barker.

Cattleya any other.

Jkf. Apple Blossom 'Hihimanu"

Plant. Jkf. Apple Blossom ‘Hihimanu’

Grower. B. & S. Brown.


Paph. Sukahulii

Plant. Paph. Sukhakulii

Grower. C. & H. Barker


Paph. Unknown

Plant. Unknown

Grower. S. Addison.


Den. Mousmee

Plant. Den. Mousmee

Grower. R. Kerr.

Any other genera.

Phrag. Noirmont

Plant. Phrag. Noirmont

Grower. B. & S. Brown


Phal. Unknown

Plant. Phal. Unknown

Grower. A. Hochman

Floral Art

Theme Split Level

Theme. Split Level

Grower. N. Donsky


Myra. Jairak White

Plant. Myra. Jairak White

Grower. S. Addison


 Onc. Solar Landing ' Marsden '

Plant. Onc. Solar Landing ‘ Marsden ‘

Grower. S. Cavalea.


Asc. christensonianum

Plant. Asc. christensonianum

Grower. S. Addison.

Australian Natives.

 Bulb. globuliforme

Plant. Bulb. globuliforme

Grower. O. Sengstock.

Australian Native Hybrids.

 Den. Golden Native.

Plant. Den. Golden Native.

Owner. M. Byrnes.