Benched winners September 2023

Judges first choice.

Den. Gatton Sunray.

Owners. M. and B. Byrnes.


Judges second choice.

Paph. St. Swithan. ‘Queenslander 2’.

Owners. C. and D. Noy.


Judges third choice.

Onc. sphacelatum.

Owner. A. Nakamura.


Members choice.

V. Robert’s Delight ‘Ink Star’.

Owners. M. and B. Byrnes.


Monthly competition winners.

Cattleya Compact.

C. Royal Beau.

Owners. J. and H. Rutter.


Cattleya any other.

Epi. Susquehanna.

Owner. N. Donsky.



Papn. St. Swithan ‘Queenslander2’.

Owners. C. and D. Noy.



Phal. Unknown.

Owners. M. and B. Byrnes.


Any other genera.

Phrag. Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Owner. R. Pretzler.


Floral arrangement.

Theme. A table arrangement.

Owner. N. Donsky.



V. Pine Rivers ‘Pink’.

Owner. J. and H. Rutter.



On. Sharry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’.

Owner. B. and S. Brown.



Onc. sphacelatum.

Owner. A. Takamura.


Australian Natives.

Den. wassellii.

Owner. R. Kerr.


Australian Native Hybrid.

Den. discolor var. broomfeldii.

Owner. C. and D. Noy.