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Benched Winners September 2017
September, 18, 2017

Judges First Choice

C. intermedia var aquinii

C. intermedia var aquinii  Grower: R. Mollee

This plant deservedly won the best tabled plant at the meeting.

The superb shape, colour and size of the flowers was a standout amongst all benched plants.

It consistently flowers the same top quality due to the culture of the plant by the owner.

Judges Second Choice

Den. Delicatum

Den. Delicatum  Grower: B. & S. Brown

A plant approaching specimen size was a worthy winner of second place in Judges Choice.

The clear white unblemished flowers in abundance was a real eye catcher and will get progressively better as the plant matures.

Judges Third Choice

C. intermedia

C. intermedia  Grower: J. Henry

This plant was tabled in the Novice Section and though it was grown by a more inexperienced member it was good enough to fill the third place of all orchids benched.

It is one of the line bred C. intermedia which came to prominence a few years ago and has been a huge step up in shape.

Member’s Choice

Ctt. Fire Gem ' Jacinta '

Ctt. Fire Gem ‘Jacinta’   Grower:  G. Marcrow

The members voted this plant as their choice for the best plant on display. It is quite obvious how their decision was reached as it is a very vibrant orange base colour with contrasting red colouration on the petal and lip.

Being a cluster type is all the more pleasing as the additional heads of flowers is so striking and eye catching it appeals to everyone.


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Benched Winners August 2017
August, 20, 2017

Judges First Choice

Ddc. stenophyllum  Grower: L. & M. Lobley

A beautifully grown and presented plant by one of our members who is a species enthusiast and has won many prizes on the show bench for years.

The overall display showing many blooms round the entire plant indicates it has been grown under ideal conditions by an experienced grower.

All the flowers were in perfect condition and the plant well deserved the judges accolade.


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Benched Winners July 2017
July, 23, 2017

Judges First Choice

Rlc. Miya's Passion

Rlc. Miya’s Passion  Grower: C. & H. Barker

This plant was one which caught every ones eye with its deep coloured spots on a canary yellow background

A beautiful novelty orchid which would take pride of place in any orchid house.


Judges Second Choice

Ddc. wenzelii

Ddc. wenzelii  Grower: S. Addison

A beautifully presented plant illustration good culture and growing conditions.

Inflorescences were surrounding the entire plant which is desirable for this type of plant.


Judges Third Choice & Member’s Choice

Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow

Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow Grower: C. & H. Barker

A magnificent deep claret coloured  Paphiopedlum.

It was easy to see why the members chose this plant for their vote as the best orchid on all the benches. The flower is quite stunning displaying near claret or black red colour, unfortunately the photo does not replicate the true colour. The shape is quite good and it is certain this one will see its way on to the show benches in the future.


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John Oxley District Orchid Society
Benched Winners June 2017
June, 25, 2017

Judges first choice

This was judged the best of all plants exhibited

Dcd. convallariaeforme var convallariae :  Grower S. Addison

This plant was presented by the grower in a superbly grown condition illustrating very good culture. The reward for such culture is indicated by the strong flowering encircling the whole plant which is what we all desire in this type of orchid. It would have been even more spectacular before benching as many of the first flowering inflorescences  were removed prior to the showing.


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John Oxley District Orchid Society
Benched Winners May 2017
May, 13, 2017

Judges first choice

Excellent shape and very attractive
Den. biggibum var. superbum ‘David’  Grown by G & E Markcrow

This plant was the standout and richly deserved Judges Choice for the evening. It featured three lovely racemes of full round shape flowers presenting themselves in an eye catching display. Graham is one of our premier growers of dendrobiums and has had considerable success at shows over the years.


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John Oxley District Orchid Society
Benched Winners April 2017
May, 1, 2017

Judges First Choice

C. Chocolate Drop ' Garcia '

C. Chocolate Drop ‘ Garcia’. Grown by K. Cooper.

This well grown cluster cattleya was a joy to see with its glistening presentation and very deep mahogany colour. It would have long lasting flowers as the substance is quite remarkable also. It usually presents very well as this example does with the individual flowers conically spread evenly around the flower stem. This is one of those orchids that regularly flowers every year and rewards with a beautiful head of delightful blooms.


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