Monthly meeting July 2017
Winning Floral Art Display

Speaker of the Month: Richard Mollee.

Topic : Growing Species Orchids

Richard mollee

Richard is a JODOS member and has an extensive knowledge of the culture and  requirements of growing orchids and this was evident during his address on the subject. His power point presentation was very professional and interesting.

Examples were given of early hybrids with a breakdown of their lineage and ancestry. This was exampled by showing two current hybrids and a family tree breakdown going back step by step to the two original species. He also added that hybridisers need to have a good knowledge of plant background to ascertain what is hoped to be achieved in their breeding programme to achieve the desired colour, shape, texture, stem habit and substance. Mentioned was also made of the need to understand the variations in unifoliate and bifoliate orchids.

Comments were also made as to the culture and growing requirements of species orchids.



Upcoming Events

The following upcoming events were announced. Save the dates in your diary today!

Bus trip – 25/10/2017 To be confirmed.


Next local orchid show – July 2018

John Oxley District Orchid Society Inc (JODOS) holds its Annual Winter Show in July each year in the Auditorium at the Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha.

Setting up is on the Friday afternoon with judging on Friday night. The show is open on Saturday from 8.30am to 4.00pm and on Sunday from 9.00am to 3.0pm. The show concludes with presentation of prizes at about 2.30 on Sunday. Admission cost is $4.00 with children free. Dates for the show in 2018 are to be advised.

On both days there are potting demonstrations twice daily, morning and afternoon. Cultural advice from some of Brisbane’s best growers is available all week-end.  There will be lots of orchid plants for sale at very reasonable prices.  This is a great opportunity to purchase plants to increase an existing collection or maybe purchase your first plants to start on this rewarding and interesting hobby.

Winning Plant of the Month


Rlc. Miya's Passion

Rlc. Miya’s Passion      Grower :  C & H Barker


This plant was one which caught every ones eye with its deep coloured spots on a canary yellow background

A beautiful novelty orchid which would take pride of place in any orchid house.


Judges Second Choice

Ddc. wenzelii

Ddc. wenzelii  Grower : S Addison


A beautifully presented plant illustration good culture and growing conditions.

Inflorescences were surrounding the entire plant which is desirable for this type of plant.


Judges Third Choice

Paph. John Francis x Night Arrow

Paph. John Francis x Paph. Night Arrow
Grower:    C & H Barker


A magnificent deep claret coloured  Paphiopedlum.

The photo did not capture the intensity of the almost black colour.