Monthly Meeting March 2018
Items of interest from the meeting

C. Chocolate Drop ‘ Garcia ‘ x C. lodigesii  ‘Streeters Choice ‘

C. Chocolate Drop ' Garcia ' x C. lodigesii ' Streeters Choice '

Speaker of the month

Brett Maloney

Brett Maloney

Brett’s topic for this month’s meeting was a very different and interesting one namely, ‘Growing orchids in Edwardian Cases’. The reason his address was interesting is that our climate is ideal for growing most orchids in outside orchid houses and very few if any enthusiasts would have the need to use a glass case for their hobby. However in cold climates, people who live in apartments and those with little room turn to using interior glass cases  as is the only alternative to enjoy the past time of growing orchids.

Brett highlighted the benefits  such as complete control over the plants growing conditions, humidity, air movement, temperature and light.  He went on to illustrate how to make a case from the ground up, touching on construction, light installation, fans, electrical requirements, waterproofing and a fog machine. In effect when the case is operational all the necessary requirements for almost perfect conditions to grow orchids are contained in the case.

Upcoming Events

The bus trip is planned to be held in  October following on from the one held last year which was a great day out for those who participated.

The following upcoming events were announced. Save the dates in your diary today!

The annual Christmas party will be held on the next meeting date  December 11th 6.30pm for 7.00pm.

Bus trip – October 2018 ( to be confirmed)

Next John Oxley orchid show – July 2018

John Oxley District Orchid Society Inc (JODOS) holds its Annual Winter Show in July each year in the Auditorium at the Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha.

Setting up is on the Friday afternoon with judging on Friday night. The show is open on Saturday from 8.30am to 4.00pm and on Sunday from 9.00am to 3.0pm. The show concludes with presentation of prizes at about 2.30 on Sunday. Admission cost is $4.00 with children free. Dates for the show in 2018 are to be advised.

On both days there are potting demonstrations twice daily, morning and afternoon. Cultural advice from some of Brisbane’s best growers is available all week-end.  There will be lots of orchid plants for sale at very reasonable prices.  This is a great opportunity to purchase plants to increase an existing collection or maybe purchase your first plants to start on this rewarding and interesting hobby.

Winning plant of the month

Rth. Jungle Jumbalaya

Owner C.and H. Barker.

Rth. Jungle Jumbalaya

A well presented plant with eye catching displays of cluster spotted flowers. The deep burgundy spots contrasted against the pale pink base colour. Many favourable comments were passed about the attractiveness of this plant.

Judges  2nd Choice

Den. Buttercup

Grower R. Mollee.

Den. Buttercup

The spectacular colour of the flowers on this delightful plant created plenty of attention. It was a first flowering so it will be one very much looked forward to on its next showing.

Judges Third Choice

V. Fuchs Rosy Charm ‘ Christine ‘

Owner. R. Kerr.

V. Fuchs Rosy Charm ' Christine '

The judges were impressed with this plant on the Vandacious section. The attractive well shaped rounded flowers in bright orange made an impressive display.