The John Oxley District Orchid Society meet on the second Wednesday of each month except January at the Oxley Bowls Club (address). A Christmas Party is held in the December meeting. Each meeting begins at 7:30pm.

Members can bench their flowering Orchids in the appropriate class where they will be judged, with points accumulated over 12 months, after which an overall winner for each class is announced. All members can participate in the popular vote on the night and choose to be a part of the evening raffle.

Each meeting formally consists of a welcome address by the President, a review of minutes from the previous meeting, a summary of the correspondence by the Secretary, and an overview of the financial position and activity of the society by the Treasurer.

Guest speakers on specific topics or demonstrations of Orchid culture follow. Supper is then provided and members can view all the benched plants to discover the winning Orchids in each class
with a cup of tea or coffee. After supper a commentary on the winning Orchids in each class is given, with the winning growers often contributing information about their winning plants.

Visitors are always warmly welcome.