There is quite a variation in types of oncidium orchids and they are quite easy to grow and flower. A favourite among growers is the Toluminia which is a miniature variety and the colours are very broad and varied. They can be grown in small pots in fine orchid bark, or attached to a host such as cork bark, small pieces of bottlebrush stem or small pieces of aged fence palings.The roots love the rough lined texture and soon become strongly attached.

Locate plants facing a northerly direction, this is ideal as they seem to prefer it. They enjoy high light and plenty of water if grown on a backing medium, watering two or three times a day in summer is very beneficial as they love to get water and dry out quickly.

More experienced growers like to buy these in a flask and the enjoyment is in the fact that hybrids are not only quick growers but almost all the plants from the same flask flower different to one and other.

The larger flowering type of oncidiums vary considerably and are mostly grown in pots and like conditions similar to cattleyas. The larger racemes carry many flowers of quite vibrant and contrasting colours which make the plants eye catching and coveted.

Refer to the Cattleya section ( Pest control, Sanitation, repotting and bacterial rot prevention ) for good housekeeping.


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