Paphiopedlum orchids are sometimes referred to as ladies slipper orchids because the shape of the pouch resembles a ladies slipper. They are uniquely different to other orchids because of the vast range of colours and shapes.

The flowers last for quite a long time and are good to enjoy in the home because the low light indoors suits them well because this is the conditions they prefer. Generally 70% shade is commonly provided in the shade house and they enjoy the humidity if moisture is provided on the floor underneath the benches.

The plants have no reserve to hold moisture as they only have strap like leaves of a central stem so moist but not wet growing medium is desirable. Care should be taken to avoid allowing water to sit in the leaf axils as if so it may lead to bacterial rot. Good air movement is a requirement as with most orchids. Plants will flower with one bloom for the complex type and more on the multifloral type.

Refer to the General section ( Pest control, Sanitation, repotting and bacterial rot prevention ) for good housekeeping.


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(Photos courtesy of M and J McCubbin)