Plant of interest
A very interesting plant

Angraecum. sesquipedale

( Photos courtesy of Gary Yong Gee)

This beautiful orchid is native to Madagasca and is very spectacular when in flower. The better the growth you are rewarded with more flowers. The plant can grow to about one meter in height and about sixty centimeters  wide.

Flowers are very waxy and as a consequence  can last for a couple of months. There are not a lot of roots compared to other monopodial orchids but they are usually quite thick and consequently draw moisture from the atmosphere.

The plant objects to instability and should not be repotted unless absolutely necessary, so culture should be in either large media or preferably attached to a permanent base.

High humidity is preferable and intermediate to subtropical climate is good conditions to grow this orchid. Watering should be abundant in summer but lesser in winter.

Fertilizer is preferred in the growing cycle but seldom during winter.

The interesting aspect of this orchid is the long nectar bearing spur which can exceed thirty centimeters in length which requires a special moth with a long proboscus to pollinate the flower.