Plant of interest

Dendrobium capituliflorum.

Den. capituliflorum               

This delightful small growing orchid is endemic to the Pacific area where it thrives in the tropical to subtropical climate of New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and adjacent areas such as Queensland.


It requires high humidity and a high light level and is relatively easy to grow. It has been referred to as the White Bottle brush Orchid due to the shape of the inflorences. Flowers are are creamy white with a green centre.


As the plant in nature is both epiphytic and lithophytic it can be grown either potted or on a medium such as cork but would require daily watering if grown on the latter.


It is a high feeder and should be fed weekly in the growing season but should be eased back in autumn and sparingly in winter. Likewise watering in winter  should be sparse allowing the plant to dry out for short periods but not to the detriment of the plant, recommencing when new shoots appear.