Plant of interest

Rhyncolaelia digbyana.

Rhyncolaelia digbyana

Photo courtesy D. Nitschinsk.

This delightful epiphytic plant is endemic to Mexico extending down to Honduras
and enjoying the hot humid climate of those areas. It is recognised as the national
flower of Honduras.


It grows very well in high light but does not like full sun.To enable it to be grown in
 these conditions the plant is very robust with heavy textured flowers, leaves
and pseudo bulbs.


Flowers reach up to seventeen centimetres in width and have one flower per stem
and a feature is the heavily fringed labelum . Flowering  in late spring to summer
 a most likeable aspect is the flower has a wonderful intense lemon scent moreso at night.


Cultivation is the same as that for cattleyas but while it enjoys plenty of water in
summer, this should be restricted to reduced watering in winter.