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Ludisia discolour

Ludisia discolour


This delightful little plant is a favourite among orchid and exotic plant enthusiasts.
It is commonly called the jewel orchid and grown for its foliage in preference to its


The foliage is very attractive with its contrasting deep background and the
pin stripe white leaf veining.

Ludisia in flower

The leaves are soft and lush which is an indicator it prefers bright light but not
full sun so a shaded area is a must for these to do well.
It comes principally from south east Asia and
therefore enjoys warm growing conditions with higher humidity.


The plant is well suited for  growing indoors  enjoying a position of bright light.
It needs to be kept moist but  it is susceptible to rot if kept continually wet.
It is easy to cultivate by taking a stem cutting and planting it in moist potting mix.
Fertiliser applied each two to four weeks is beneficial for good growth.