Plant of interest.

C. Callistoglossa.

Photo and article courtesy of member Keith Adams.


From my records, I purchased this orchid in April 2018, from Member no 7 of the Ipswich Orchid Society.

It was in a 150mm round Pot in bark and cost $8.

At 2022, it is in a 250mm square Vanda basket hanging aprox 1mtr above ground level.

The potting mix is largely inorganic – Scoria rock, LECA (Clay balls), Charcoal, polystyrene plus some Coir.
Measurement from the base of the bulb to the top of the flower spike is 700mm.

It has flowered every year, between September and October.

It receives a variety of fertilizers including Molasses mixed with pro-biotic (Neutrog Gogo juice), Tri Kelp; Calcium Nitrate; Peters Excel Cal Mag, Citric Acid, Epson salts and Black tea.

The misters in the greenhouse keep the humidity reasonably high.  Shade cloth is aprox 65%  ( 2 layers of 50% beige colour).