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Arpophyllum giganteum

 Arpophyllum giganteum

Arpophyllum giganteum is one which emanates from an area stretching from Mexico to Venezuela  and as a consequence prefers a mild to warm temperate climate.

It prefers to grow in a bright position but does not like full sun and enjoys being kept moist but not wet. The plant blooms in late winter to spring displaying a long conical head of small purple flowers neatly displayed fully around the tall central stem.

The pseudo bulbs are thin and reedy, topped with long strappy leafs. Potting mix can be varied but as a general guide bark and perlite, straight bark or even spaghnum moss are acceptable growing mediums.

The plant is considered to be quite easy to grow and because of its unusual compact perfectly aligned floral  head display it is sought after by orchid enthusiasts.




(Photo courtesy of Gary Yong Gee)