Vanda orchids enjoy warmth and high humidity, grow vigorously if this is combined with plenty of air movement, good light and plenty of water. They grow strongly as they develop, do not have bulbs, just an upright stem with strap like leaves emanating from the top of the stem. As they have no water storage facility they require more moisture than most other orchids, eg, in summer water at least one or two times a day but caution should be taken not to let water sit in the leaf axils to prevent bacterial rot.

Many of the roots are contained outside of the pot as they prefer air movement around their roots. Vandas can be grown in slatted wood baskets or earthenware pots containing large pieces of bark or even without any medium at all. They do like to be repotted very much which is why open wood slatted pots are used to obviate repotting. Roots can be very intrusive and can grow metres in length. In summer they are heavy feeders and need weekly fertiliser but during winter in their dormant period they require only little supplement. Some Vandas such as the semi terete and terete type can be successfully grown and flowered outdoors in full sun after being conditioned to do so.

Refer to the General section ( Pest control, Sanitation, repotting and bacterial rot prevention ) for good housekeeping.

(Photos courtesy of M and J McCubbin)